Policies for Dalcroze-Eurhythmics Courses (ages 5-7)

Age Requirements, Registration Guidelines, and Parental Involvement

Students should be 5 years or older of age at the beginning of classes.   Parents of children younger than 5 may contact the school director to discuss enrollment on a case-by-case basis. At the discretion of the instructor, new Eurhythmics students have the opportunity to join the class the next semester when they are old enough.   Parents are generally not permitted in the room during class time because it tends to be too distracting for the children, there is often not enough space for parents to sit comfortably, and the children need the space to move.  Since first time Dalcroze students might need some adjustment to being without their parent, please talk with your instructor if you feel you may need to sit in on the first few class meetings.  At the end of every course, there will be an open class "Sharing", where parents and family are invited to see the work the children have done throughout the term.  These "Sharings" are  fun, interactive, and really demonstrate the power of the Dalcroze work.  

Materials and Practice

All Eurhythmics students should bring a 3-ring binder to class each week for handouts and music.  It is important to establish good musical habits early, so please be sure to help your child complete all fun sheets and bring them to class each week.  Encourage your child to teach you the songs and games learned in class; sing and play them in the car, on walks, at bedtime, whenever!  Making music a part of your daily routine will make acquiring the language of music more natural and will make instrumental lessons much easier later on.

Preparing for Class

Dress Comfortably: Dalcroze is all about learning music through the body.  Students will run, skip, jump, gallop and use their body in many other creative ways. Please dress comfortably!  We recommend loose comfortable clothing like shorts, yoga pants, sweat pants and a short sleeve/long sleeve t-shirt. Please avoid jeans, and restrictive clothing.  If dresses are worn, please wear shorts underneath so the student will feel comfortable moving freely.

Take off shoes & socks: Dalcroze classes are done barefoot. This is because in Dalcroze Education, the body is the principle instrument. We learn musical nuance through movement. (Ever try playing the piano with boxing gloves or mittens?). Students should have shoes and socks off and stored neatly in the "shoe area" prior to the start of class.

Bathrooms before class: Students should use the bathroom, have a healthy snack and have a drink before class. Once class begins it is very difficult to allow students to leave the room to use the bathroom because it often means stopping the entire class and having all students take a field trip to the lavatory. 

What to bring to class: Please bring a three-ring binder for the songs and fun sheets your children will receive. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle. 

What not to bring to class: Toys and special stuffed animal friends may be a distraction for our younger students. These are best left at home. If they do happen to travel with you, let them stay with you while your child is in class (After class, your child can teach this special friend the songs and games they’ve learned in Eurhythmics). Of course, should you have any concerns about this, or should there be any special circumstances, please speak with the instructor.

Class Times

As a form of respect to fellow students and the teacher, classes with the Dalcroze School of Boston start punctually. Students should be prepared (bathroom used; healthy snack had; shoes and socks off) by the start of class. Students entering late are kindly asked to quietly wait in the doorway until the teacher's signal so that they do not distract students by joining an activity that has already begun. 

Definition of Respect and Behaviour Expectations

Dalcroze Education is dynamic, exciting and fun. Students will learn the same concepts that they would learn in any good instrumental study or music theory class — but they will do so in a joyous, experiential, social way. Because Dalcroze Education is a way to deeply learn music, it is not a free-for-all! Active listening and student effort are vital to the success of the class.

In a Dalcroze classroom, respect means that everyone has the freedom to participate at her or his personal best and derive maximum benefit from the class. Behaviour that interferes with a student's ability to participate at her or his personal best and derive maximum benefit from the class is considered disrespectful.  

  • At all times, DSB teachers commit to respect students both by orienting the class towards maximium student benefit and by communicating with students in a way that honours students' rights and dignity. 
  • At all times, Dalcroze School of Boston students are expected to participate respectfully, honouring the right of their fellow students and their teacher to participate at their personal best.

The following guidelines will be observed:

  • If a student feels that they cannot participate at the their best, or if they feel that they may prevent others from participating at their best, that student may choose to take a short break and sit quietly in the Observation Deck.
  • It is the teacher's responsibility to ensure that students are able to participate at their personal best and deriving maximum benefit from the class. Any student that engages behaviour that prevents others from doing so will first be respectfully redirected by the teacher.
  • If the bevahiour continues, the teacher will ask the student to take a break and sit in the Observation Deck until the teacher feels the student is ready to positively rejoin the group.
  • If a student is asked to sit out twice, either in the same class or in two classes close together, a conversation between teacher and the students' parents/guardians will be required to determine strategies for success for the student.
  • Visiting observers are likewise asked to respect the rights of students and their teacher to participate at their best. Observers are asked to maintain silence while in the hall and to avoid use of mobile devices. Photography is fine as long as it is not distracting to students or teacher. 


If a child must withdraw from class after enrollment but before the end of the 3rd week of class, tuition will refunded on a prorated basis.  After the 3rd week of classes, tuition is non-refundable, but can be credited towards the next semester.

Any concerns regarding registration, placement, or any other inquiries should be addressed to the director. Click here to contact us.

Make-up Lessons

If a child misses a class due to illness or other circumstance, he or she may attend a different class of the same level that same week.  If you wish to schedule a make-up lesson, please contact the instructor who is teaching the class directly.

One make-up class will be scheduled for class cancellations due to inclement weather. In the case of extreme weather conditions, please check in with the Dalcroze School of Boston at (857) 222-0235, the Children's Music Center of Jamaica Plain at  (617) 524-1784, or on the DSB website where information will be posted regarding closures. now cancellations beyond one are considered an act of Nature, and are not made up or refunded.