Policies for Adult Enrichment Courses

Materials and Practice

Students should bring  a 3-ring binder to class.


If a student must withdraw from class after enrollment but before the end of the 3rd week of class, tuition will refunded on a prorated basis.  After the 3rd week of classes, tuition is non-refundable, but can be credited towards the next semester.

Any concerns regarding registration, placement, or any other inquiries should be addressed to the director. Click here to contact us.

Make-up Lessons

One make-up class will be scheduled for class cancellations due to inclement weather. In the case of extreme weather conditions, please check in with the Dalcroze School of Boston at (857) 222-0235, the Children's Music Center of Jamaica Plain at  (617) 524-1784, or on the DSB website where information will be posted regarding closures. now cancellations beyond one are considered an act of Nature, and are not made up or refunded. 

Preparing for Class

Dress Comfortably: Dalcroze is an experiential way of learning music through the body. Please dress for comfortable movement.  We recommend loose clothing that will make it easy to move like shorts, yoga pants, sweat pants and a short sleeve/long sleeve t-shirt. Please avoid jeans, and restrictive clothing.  If dresses are worn, please wear shorts underneath so the student will feel comfortable moving freely.

Take off shoes & socks: Dalcroze classes are done barefoot. This is because in Dalcroze Education, the body is the principle instrument. We learn musical nuance through movement. (Ever try playing the piano with boxing gloves or mittens?). Please contact the instructor prior to the start of the course should have any questions or concerns about this.

What to bring to class: Please bring a three-ring binder and a water bottle. 

Class Times

As a form of respect to fellow students and the teacher, classes with the Dalcroze School of Boston start punctually.