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Dalcroze Sight Reading & Musicianship Course

Learn to hear with your eyes and see with your ears

Amplify your musical awareness

Tap into the excitement of your own musical imagination

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Make music come alive in this exciting course in the internationally recognized Dalcroze Education approach. Dalcroze Education is a powerful, experiential way of knowing music through the body.

  • Increase your ability to navigate melodic landscapes, instantly identifying what you hear and see
  • Hone your knowledge and nuanced expression of essential musical building blocks
  •  sharpen your intuitive response to music
  • experience the thrill and freedom of your own improvisation through this dynamic social course.

Your body will be your main instrument in developing your musical knowledge and inner hearing. The ability to listen internally,  imagining how written notes will sound and how sounded notes will be written, is profound in any musical pursuit and will directly transfer to your choral experience, instrumental study, to composition and improvisation and, simply, to hearing more in music you love.

No prior movement experience is necessary.

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Our Adult Enrichment Program is for individuals who seek:

  • Joyful ways of knowing music through the body
  • Authentic Dalcroze Education for all: musicians, dancers, therapists, professionals and amateurs alike
  • A non-competitive environment with a focus on excellence
  • A low student/teacher ratio
  • A welcoming atmosphere for students of all skill levels
  • Specific, goal-oriented instruction with detailed lesson handouts, applications, and repertoire

Course Length: 10 Weeks
Class Length: 1.5 hrs

  • For class size of 5 students: $350/student

  • For class size of 7 students: $250/student

  • For class size of 9 students $210/student