Dalcroze Musicianship | Adult Courses

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Dalcroze Musicianship

Adult Courses

Sight Read Fluidly: Learn to hear with your eyes and see with your ears

Increase musical fluency: cultivate both musical Expression and accuracy in performance, reading and improvisation

Tap into the excitement of your own musical invention

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Yes! Music theory and ear training CAN be full of joy, excitement and creativity!

Dalcroze is a powerful, social way to hone musicianship through improvisation and purposeful movement.

Courses offered for

  • Professionals

  • Pre-professionals

  • Beginner/intermediate students

What makes Dalcroze courses different?

Music theory and ear training are often learned by rote.
But in Dalcroze courses, students develop high degrees of musical fluency in a vibrant, welcoming, social atmosphere.

Each session is challenging, yet full of joy and creativity, grounded in real-world musical applications and repertoire.

Purposeful movement and your own invention are harnessed to cultivate ease with nuanced expression, sight reading, aural skills and improvisation.

No prior movement experience is necessary.

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Our courses offer:

  • Focus on fluidity in sight singing

  • Sharpened aural skills, enabling you to follow a piece of music like a spoken conversation, being able to “see” what you hear and “hear” what you see.

  • A low student/teacher ratio

  • Tools for practicing at home including detailed lesson handouts and repertoire

  • A welcoming atmosphere for students of all skill levels

2019-20 Academic Year Courses